Hanna Paniutsich/XYANA (BY/UK)

is a multimedia artist and researcher. Their work is a collage of personal stories and histories, video footage, physical devices and biomatter. This is usually assembled into installations using different software and hardware. Their current research interests are nuclear technologies, chemical pollution and the effects of radioactivity on living systems. They are fascinated by exclusion zones, fungi, technological infrastructures and interfaces.

Exhibitions 2023 -- if disrupted, it becomes tangible - national gallery of art, vilnius 2022 -- the production of post truth - ugly duck, london 2022 -- jahresausstellung hfk - blg forum, bremen 2021 -- our porous limits - spedition, bremen

Publications 2023 -- Cookbook for a time-machine, dynamic archive 2023 -- Mushroom picking stories, antennae issue 59 2022 -- Excursion around HTP, coapparation I, II, III

Awards art council england 2023, DYCP goethe institute 2022

Prizes frieze design award 2022 - jury mention hfk hoschultage 2022 - jury mention hfk hoschultage 2020 - jury mention

Residencies rupert residency 2023, vilnius theatre deli residency 2022-2023, london thealit arbeitzimmer 2020, bremen